About us

Our factory is one of the oldest factories in Bulgaria since 1924. We manufacture polypropylene fiber and polypropylene twisted ropes as well as jute twisted ropes in a large variety of diameters.

The most reliable type of polypropylene twisted products are the ropes with diameters from 3 to 40 mm, with high tensile strength and increased wear which can withstand the negative environmental conditions. They are designed for use under extreme conditions and are subjected to multiplex and prolonged use in industry, agriculture, construction, and transport. The most frequent types are 3 stranded Z twisted ropes, which are used in a wide variety of activities such as pre-safe measurements in construction,  in fishing, marine mussels farms and sea transport etc.

Our factory produces mainly polypropylene fiber and Z twisted ropes. Polypropylene is a material of the present and future. Its advantage is that it can be recycled and offers low specific weight, resistance against humidity, as well as high UV radiation stability. 

The first stage in manufacturing PP ropes is a granulate processing to stripped polypropylene, then twisted to a fibre. After extruding and processing the polypropylene granules we attain the PP raffia and after that we make the PP baling filament product which is used in garden tying application, baling twine for the agriculture and in packaging business. After further twisting the baling twine bobbins with the rope making machines, called “twisters”,we have different in diameters polypropylene 3 strand twisted ropes.

Our factory’s production is used in several economical sectors such as Agriculture, Industry, Food Industry, Sea transport and yachting, and Sports industry.